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VERY IMPORTANT: Please read Terms & Conditions very carefully


• Participation is open to Moroccan and foreign students.
• Films must be ADAPTATIONS of literary works or folk tales, the duration of which does not exceed 30 minutes.
Participants must mention the adaptation source.
• Films will be selected by a commission designated by the festival management.
• Candidates must submit one film each.
• Each candidate has the opportunity to present their film to the public in 2 minutes before its screening.
• To participate in the official competition, candidates must send the form of participation duly filled out, accompanied by the parts mentioned, within the deadlines set by this regulation.
• Candidates may not withdraw their films after their selection.
• No documents will be returned.
• The festival management reserves the right to keep a copy of the films and use it for non-commercial purposes.
• The festival management reserves the right to translate the titles and synopses of the films into other languages.
• The presence of the director or the person representing him / her is mandatory.

To participate in the official competition, please send the following documents::
• The form of participation duly informed (to download from
• The movie poster in JPEG A4 format.
• The biography of the director, accompanied by his photo.
• 2 copies of the film, DVD or Vimeo link (or the site of the film / film site).

The addresses of correspondence are: /
PS: Send to both email the same content.

The deadline for submission of entries is March 25, 2018.


***The festival management will take care of the participants on their arrival at the airport of Agadir (accommodation, food, transportation in the city) during the whole period of the festival. The transport / flights costs to Agadir should be covered by participants themselves.

***Only accepted participants will be notified by email and on the festival official Facebook page.